We create outstanding city experience for both citizens & municipalities

Making cities friendly in a modern way
People spend most of their time today in cities – home, jobs, transportation, schools and universities – everything in our lives centers around city facilities and infrastructures that surround us.

Every city – from the smallest to a large megalopolis – is a complicated system managed and maintained daily by hundreds of people. Our goal is to adjust this system for an individual citizen making their life better, more comfortable and predictable.
Make cities measurable & manageable by authorities
Every city is an extensive system composed of dozens of elements requiring real-time management and measuring to be comprehensible for the city management team.

Citymatica is designed to provide city authorities with effective tools to operate an entire city's infrastructure and create a real-time and comprehensive city feel with regard to every aspect of city life.
Meet authorities & citizens
A lack of two-way communication is always an issue in city management tasks. Usually there is no handy, easy-to-use and effective communication channel between the city and its citizens. It is often necessary to plan in-person visits or make phone calls, which is unbelievable in the age of technology when everyone is accustomed to IM, mobile apps and social network experiences.

Furthermore, cities and citizens are not in synch with each other. Municipalities lack information on citizen opinion, behavior and real needs. Citizens are often uninformed about the city's resources, events and local news aimed to make their city experience better.

Our aim is to provide as much mutual knowledge to both citizens and municipalities and create an accessible, easy and trusted communication forum between them.
Make cities manageable by citizens
Everyone wants to be heard, to be involved and influence city life – finally, city municipalities are serving its citizens and it is essential for everyone to have the ability to raise issues, make inquiries or express an opinion. The feeling of being able to influence city life without any significant effort creates real trust and confidence amongst city authorities.

Citymatica enables city managers to hear citizens, understand their opinions and see their input finally resulting in real decisions and reportable results.
Make cities predictable
Cities generate enormous data volume – payment transactions, vehicle geoposition tracks, energy consumption values, even citizen complaints in social networks – all information should be properly collected, processed and analyzed to enable municipalities to make the right decisions in the most effective way and anticipate future challenges.

Citymatica enables cities to gather limitless data, process and maintain it and use the information to measure key city indicators and predict what may happen in future.
Make municipalities effective
City management requires considerable efforts from authorities – employees, document processing procedures, infrastructure management, etc. The vast majority of these activities may be successfully automated to raise general operational effectiveness with ready-to-use solutions.

Wide citizen engagement also enables municipalities to save lots of time and money – people usually help authorities make city life better. Instead of having dozens of inspectors checking garbage collection and paying them salaries, let citizens report directly to the municipality about issues they see. This is the most effective approach.

Citymatica significantly raises city management's effectiveness making it easy, real-time and affordable.
Create basis for constant city improvement
Progressive everyday development of products and technologies used by cities is key to building a successful smart city environment.

Our aim is to provide municipalities with relevant, flexible and an extendable technology cornerstone able to serve as a basis for future projects and improvements for years.