Citymatica for municipalities

Citymatica provides municipalities and governments with easy-to-use tools for comprehensive 360-degree management of all city life aspects. Furthermore, Citymatica enables authorities to create an effective communication environment with its citizens to understand their personal thoughts, needs and ideas.
All necessary smart city services right out-of-the box
360-degree real-time depiction of city life
Easy to operate – Citymatica does not need special skills or knowledge
City management from one point
General operator web interface provides city authorities with comprehensive statistics of smart city usage and all management features – all modules (including third-party apps) are joined here and accessible through only a couple of clicks.
City pulse dashboard
Real-time snapshot of the most essential city life indicators – number of citizens involved, points of attraction, map of emergency alarms and citizen engagement index based on news, grievances and poll results.
Complaints processing & analysis
Easy-to-use web interface for processing citizen complaints with manageable rules and workflows. Analytical dashboard enables to estimate key performance parameters at a glance – complaint dynamics by category, complaint heatmap and general processing effectiveness.
City polls & analysis
Quickly launched targeted polls on different questions regarding city life with interactive analytics and statistics.
City points
Any citizen activity – complaint creation or poll processing – may be assigned a value in special city points. This helps engage people and gives them a city life contribution rating.
City news management & analysis
Enables municipalities to create their own news feed, target information geographically or by interests, get citizen feedback and analyze information consumption in real-time. Enables municipalities to track actual citizen opinions on any news posted.
Communication campaigns
City managers may build sophisticated citizen communication via all accessible channels (push messages, SMS, IM, e-mail), with well-targeted rich media messages
City chat
Instant communication with citizens on the most essential questions requiring immediate reaction or Q&A sessions with city authorities. Executes in a typical and recognizable instant messaging applications style.
Emergency alarms management
SOS alarms management with urgent notification to city authorities via e-mail or SMS with exact geoposition and signal processing to emergency services.
Appointments management
Management of all types of scheduled appointments from a single point including hospitals, in-person visits to municipalities, issuing documents and many others.
Citizen data aggregation
Centralized collection of various data on citizen demography, houses, transport vehicles, interests, smart city services usage, etc. Enables municipalities to build well-tuned communication with each individual citizen based on a comprehensive understanding of their needs and opinions.
Citizen behavior analysis
Real-time analysis of citizen engagement level and opinion on different spheres of city life
Payments processing
IoT city infrastructure management
Social media analysis
Smart city machine learning algorithms