Citymatica – an entire city in your hands

Every city is looking for a simple solution to manage all of its infrastructures with ease, establish long-term and productive relationships with its citizens, know more about their opinions and behaviors and have comprehensive data for decision making. Citymatica meets these requirements.

Citymatica – is a cloud smart city platform, which includes the most essential & sought after services. With Citymatica municipalities can build full-featured scalable smart city solutions within a couple of days.
Fast to deploy
Easy to operate
Lifelong consulting & support
Citymatica is fully compatible with any legacy environment. Our philosophy is not to alter well-established processes but to enhance the quality and boost speed, accuracy, effectiveness and convenience as can only be done by modern technology.
Build strong relationships
Citymatica creates a trusted and effective communication environment between cities and citizens that is always active, available and very easy to operate. Ultimately, creating strong relationships with its citizens, leading to effective cooperation in enhancing the quality of living.
Communicate & personalize
Smart city optimizes communication above all. Citymatica helps to organize smart and personalized communication with each individual citizen, that is relevant by content, is multi-channeled, well analyzed and effective.
Citizens are happy to participate in city life – you just need to provide them with an easy way to do it. Expressing opinions, lodging complaints, participating in polls, asking your municipality personal questions are all possible in just a few clicks, making citizens feel empowered and truly impacting the way they live.
Be effective
Citymatica makes cities substantially effective by automating a tremendous array of everyday routines – from managing hospital appointments to paying utility bills. Furthermore, people's involvement in the management process also saves money. There is no single technology that will tell you more about city related issues than a citizen truly willing to help.
Analyze & manage
Citymatica helps authorities create a complete and versatile real-time feeling of city life by merging different aspects and parameters into one picture. This enables the municipality to make relevant, data-reasoned decisions, managing a city's infrastructure in a fast and effective way.
Create & develop
Smart city success is only possible through daily improvement and development. Citymatica enables municipalities to develop personalized services for citizens, engage local developers to create new products and widely use the world's best solutions within the same technology ecosystem.
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